Easy Tricks to Edit Any Picture

Each picture clicked is unique and favorite, when Photoshop tools are used to edit a picture it creates a wow factor in that favorite picture. You can edit any picture in Photoshop with less complexities and wonderful and desirable effects. People think that more editing can create much greater effect but it’s not that. You can always achieve beautiful flawless effects with minute editing.

Here are simple editing tips for a picture:

  1. After opening the picture in the Photoshop, we will first edit the light effect of the whole picture.
  2. Edit the light by using curves. Let your light boost up. Now click to make a second point so and drag on the on the point to end up with editing the light effect.
  3. Now go to the Adjustment layer and add a new layer to it and select Channel mixer and choose Monochrome from the options.
  4. After choosing monochrome option set the colors to red: +25, green: +35 and blue: +45. 
  5. Important to note- make the blending mode of the layer to ‘Soft light’ and reduce the Opacity to 30%.
  6. Select the Midtones and make sure the exposure is set 10-15%. Select the dodge tool and brush over the eyes 4 to 5 times for a detailed effect of the eyes.

We are done with the editing part of the picture using simple and easy methods for a beautiful effect. This is less time consuming than other methods.

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